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Veto Proof Majority in House Votes to Pause Syrian Refugee Program


47 Democrats joined Republicans in voting to pause the Syrian Refugee Program and establish new standards for review of participants in the program.  Of course, the bill faces a more difficult challenge in the Senate.  Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has pledged to block the bill in the Senate.  Of course President Obama has already promised to veto the bill.

The strength of the vote demonstrates there is a growing sense of the President’s weakness within his own party and is a serious blow to the President’s – and Hillary Clinton’s – attempts to paste Republicans as “uncaring” or lacking compassion.  It is also in line with polling that shows that a clear majority of Americans are opposed to resettling more Syrian refugees in the United States.

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Russian Strikes Focus on Non-ISIS Forces

For those who have praised Putin for going after ISIS, let’s be clear. He isn’t attacking ISIS. He’s attacking the moderate opposition forces – like the people we spent $40 million training that trained 4-5 guys. However, just as clear, Obama is doing nothing to defend Syrians against Russian attacks – just as he did nothing while Ukraine was carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Tweet from Agence France-Presse