Reuters has now revealed that “dozens” – at least 30 according to the Hill – of Hillary Clinton’s emails going back to 2009 were marked “classified” from the beginning.  Hillary Clinton is running out of lies and excuses. At a minimum, she violated established federal policies for records handling and management.  At worst, she has committed felonies and should face indictment.

Her first claim: there was no classified information, which we know is false. Her second claim: there was no information which was classified at the time, which was also shown to be false.  Her third claim: there was no information which was “marked” classified.  No we know all are false.  It’s time for Hillary to own up to the truth and time for Democrats to stop making excuses.  She violated the law.  She did so for the the specific purpose of has sought to suppress public records.She endangered national security.    How many lives were placed in jeopardy by her criminal actions?  Was the location of Ambassador Stevens divulged through her actions?  If so, she is directly responsible for his death, and the deaths of the other 3 Americans in Benghazi.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to be honest and take responsibility for her actions – if she seeks to lead.  If she just wants to avoid criminal prosecution, she should be quiet and lawyer up.  Oh wait, she’s doing that.

Are we a society of laws in which all play by the same rules?  Hillary has long made claims to be for fairness and for “income equality.”  What about equality before the law?  Are the rules different for the “political class”?