There were some great moments yesterday.  Perhaps the most impactful and impassioned speech came not in a main session, but in a break out event which included Sonnie Johnson from in her response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  Sonnie’s response was that “Black Life Matters.”   She described how the movement has only valued lives when they have been ended or abused at the hands of whites. However, no value is placed on Black lives living in economic disparity. No value is placed on lives in crime ridden neighborhoods and the victims of drive-by shootings and other acts of violence at the hands of other blacks.  She began to cry for those she has known and lost in her community.  It was powerful and moving.

Two Republican contenders addressed the main session yesterday – Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal.  I thought Jeb Bush gave perhaps one of the best speeches I’ve heard him give.  No mention of Donald Trump or the other contenders.  He made a plea for smaller government and – popular with the crowd – term limits for members of Congress.

Bob Jindal did quite well – far better than what I have observed in previous speeches and his debate performance.  I was impressed that he ignored the podium and directly spoke to the crowd with no notes.  He gave the most memorable line of the day – “Our next President will sit across the table from Putin or an Ayatollah. He better not need a teleprompter.”  Following his speech, he engaged the audience, shaking hands and did not immediately leave.