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  1. Day 3 – The Haley Moment

  2. Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) Endorses Marco Rubio

    The Charleston Post and Courier broke today that Governor Haley will endorse Marco Rubio tonight at a Rubio rally in Chapin.  There has been much…

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  3. Day 2 – Marcomentum is Real

  4. Day 1 – Manic Monday

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  5. Vocem Libertatis Goes to South Carolina for the GOP Primary

    All eyes now focus on South Carolina among Republicans.  Will Donald Trump continue what he did in New Hampshire?  Will Ted Cruz gather evangelicals as…

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  6. Carly Fiorna Quits Race

    Carly Fiorna announced this afternoon that she is suspending her bid for the Republican nomination for President.  This follows Chris Christie’s earlier announcement of dropping…

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  7. Chris Christie Quits the Race

    Chris Christie announced today that he is suspending his candidacy for President.  Christie’s campaign placed significant resources in the New Hampshire campaign, but received a…

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  8. Santorum Quits Race

    Former Senator Rick Santorum announced that he is suspending his bid for the Republican nomination for President.  In 2012, Santorum was the next to the…

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  9. Scott Endorses Rubio, Toomey Expected to Follow

    Today Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is widely expected to endorse Marco Rubio for President.  Toomey was elected to the Senate in 2010, along with Rubio.…

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  10. Rand Paul Quits the Race

    Rand Paul announced this morning that he is suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination for President.  Paul’s campaign had not been able to gain…

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