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  1. Webb Doesn’t Want to Appear Left Out, Met with Biden Too

    The swirl of speculation that Vice-President Joe Biden will enter the race for President continues.  Jim Webb, though ignored in the polls as a candidate…

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  2. Not that Democrats Are Worried …. But …. Biden Meets with Warren Privately

    This was not a scheduled meeting. Sounds like someone is running. CNN reports Biden Meets with Warren privately

  3. The Final Lie Exposed: Clinton Emails Were Classified on Day 1

    Reuters has now revealed that “dozens” – at least 30 according to the Hill – of Hillary Clinton’s emails going back to 2009 were marked…

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  4. Reflections on Day 1 of the Defending the American Dream Summit

    There were some great moments yesterday.  Perhaps the most impactful and impassioned speech came not in a main session, but in a break out event…

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  5. Federal Judge Tells State Dept. Hillary Violated Federal Records Policy

      Judge Sullivan lectured government attorneys at a hearing yesterday on the lawsuit regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for Hillary Clinton’s emails…

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  6. Andre Carson (D-IN7) Ranked 4th Least Effective Congressmen

      Congratulations Indiana 7th District. Our Congressman, Andre Carson was number 4 on the list of least effective Congressmen by In 7 years, he…

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  7. Mark Cuban is not “The Man in the Arena”

    Business Insider interviewed billionaire Mark Cuban in which he declares: “I want to be a Republican, but the party has one big problem.”  He then releases…

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  9. What is Vocem Libertatis?